🎉ChatGPT switches to Bing as their default search engine!🔎

May 23 2023 | AI News
OpenAI has partnered with Microsoft’s Bing search engine to improve the search functionality within its AI chatbot, ChatGPT. The new search experience will initially be rolled out to ChatGPT Plus users, with a plug-in available soon for all free ChatGPT users. The partnership will allow ChatGPT to provide timelier and more up-to-date responses to user queries with access from the web, using the data and citations provided by Bing.

What does it mean?

  • AI chatbot: an artificial intelligence program that conducts human-like conversations with users through chat interfaces
  • ChatGPT: an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing to understand and respond to user queries
  • Plug-in: a software component that adds a specific feature or functionality to a larger software application
  • Citations: a reference to a source of information used in research or writing to support a statement or argument. In this context, citations are used to improve the accuracy and reliability of ChatGPT's responses to user queries.
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