📢 Zoom teams up with Anthropic to bring the intelligent Claude chatbot to its user-friendly products! 🤖💬

May 16 2023 | AI News
Zoom has partnered with AI company Anthropic to use its chatbot, Claude, on its platform. The partnership will begin with the Zoom Contact Center, with the aim of providing more accurate answers to customers, while limiting hallucinations where models make up answers they do not know. Zoom has taken an open approach to AI, allowing it to plug in different models as the industry evolves, and so will continue to work with the Anthropic model, integrating it into other Zoom products as it learns more about how it works. The company has yet to provide a set date for the launch of any Anthropic-based functionality.

What does it mean?

  • Anthropic: an AI company that focuses on building "intelligent systems that are robust, interpretable, and aligned with human values."
  • Chatbot: a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet.
  • Hallucinations: in this context, it refers to when an AI model generates responses that are incorrect or fabricated, based on data not originally in its training set.
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