🔍💻💥Hackers ready to challenge Google, OpenAI and other AI models at Defcon 31!

May 6 2023 | AI News
Hackers at Defcon 31 are being challenged to find bugs in large language models built by Anthropic, Google, Hugging Face, Nvidia, OpenAI, and Stability. AI Village, in partnership with Humane Intelligence, SeedAI, and the AI Vulnerability Database, will oversee the AI-hacking event at Defcon. Participants will include expert researchers as well as students from overlooked institutions and communities, all expected to abide by the hacker Hippocratic oath. By partnering with a non-government entity, the White House intends to obtain unbiased, independent experts to determine if the models meet the criteria in its AI Bill of Rights.

What does it mean?

  • Defcon 31: An annual hacking conference held in Las Vegas
  • Bugs: Flaws or vulnerabilities in a software system
  • Large language models: AI models used for natural language processing tasks such as language translation, chatbots, and sentiment analysis
  • Anthropic: A startup that works on making AI more human-like in its reasoning and decision-making
  • Google: A multinational technology company that provides internet-related services and products
  • Hugging Face: An AI startup that specializes in natural language processing, particularly in developing NLP models
  • Nvidia: A technology company that designs graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming and professional markets, as well as systems on a chip (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market
  • OpenAI: A research organization that aims to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) benefits humanity
  • Stability AI: A startup that develops AI models for computer vision tasks such as object detection and image segmentation
  • AI Village: A group of hackers and researchers who focus on AI security issues and organizing events related to AI
  • Humane Intelligence: A nonprofit organization that aims to create more ethical and trustworthy AI
  • SeedAI: An organization that aims to make AI more accessible to everyone by providing easy-to-use tools
  • AI Vulnerability Database: A database that collects information about vulnerabilities in AI systems
  • Expert researchers: Professionals who specialize in researching and developing AI technology
  • Hacker Hippocratic oath: An ethical code for hackers that emphasizes protecting the security and privacy of users' data
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