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May 11 2023 | AI News
Language processing company Claude has expanded its context window for businesses from 9k to 100k tokens, which translates to roughly 75,000 words. Complex documents such as financial statements, legal documents, and developer documentation can now be analyzed and questioned for synthesis of knowledge, making the process more efficient than traditional searching via vector-based techniques. Partners are already excited about the potential for streamlining workflows and processing daunting amounts of audio and text data in just a few minutes.

What does it mean?

  • Context window: the range of words or tokens that are considered while analyzing a particular text or document. For instance, in natural language processing, the context window is the number of words surrounding a specific word that is used to determine its meaning.
  • Vector-based techniques: a set of algorithms used in natural language processing and machine learning that represents words, sentences, or documents as vectors in a high-dimensional space. In other words, vector-based techniques are used to analyze the relationships between words in a text and represent them as mathematical entities.
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