Issue #13 - If you create an AGI that destroys humanity, I'll be forced to revoke your license

May 21, 2023
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  • US Senators and OpenAI agree that the US government should be able to issue a license to train an artificial general intelligence and revoke it if it destroys humanity. A flawless plan.
  • BT announced plans to cut 40,000 and 55,000 jobs by 2030. They feel that bullish about generative AI.
  • SEC Chair warns that the next financial crisis might be caused by generative AI and not Robinhood disabling the buy button again.
  • The CNET overworked journalists don’t seem relieved at all that AI has started writing articles on their behalf.
  • Quiz: let’s say that your dart is an AI. How many figurines can you hit on a dartboard depicting 100 professions?
  • A psychiatrist starts using ChatGPT to describe patients’ mental health. Now she can make $300 / hour without even saying a word.
  • Philosopher Daniel Dennett suggests that our society might be on the verge of collapse if generative AI is allowed to pose as real people. Everybody else thought that human trust is overrated.
  • You can now rent a synthetic clone of a real woman and pretend she’s your girlfriend. But we are well-mannered people and we don’t use forbidden words to describe the practice.

P.s.: the new Splendid Edition of Synthetic Work is out: Hey, great news, you potentially are a problem gambler.

Inside it, we discover what KPMG, The US Air Force, Flutter Entertainment, Entain, New Balance, and The Wildlife Conservation Society are doing with AI.

In the Prompting section, we also discover how AI can help solve the You don’t know what you don’t know problem.

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