Issue #21 - Ready to compete against yourself?

July 16, 2023
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In This Issue

  • The new AI models of the week, GPT-4 with Code Interpreter and Claude 2, have the potential to transform the way we work. Let’s see why.
  • New York City is now enforcing a law to regulate the use of AI in hiring processes.
  • AI is infiltrating the agenda of the Labour Party in the UK.
  • Some artists are not very happy with Adobe and its new generative AI system Firefly.
  • The Boston Consulting Group surveyed nearly 13,000 people in 18 countries on what they feel about AI.

P.s.: This week’s Splendid Edition is titled Investigating absurd hypotheses with GPT-4.

In it, we discover the ELI5 technique, comparing how well it works with both OpenAI GPT-4 with Code Interpreter and Anthropic Claude 2.

We also use the GPT-4 with Code Interpreter capabilities to analyze two unrelated datasets, overlay one on top of the other in a single chart, and investigate correlation hypotheses.

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