Issue #42 - I'll watch the TV news only if Charles Darwin presents

December 30, 2023
Free Edition
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In This Issue

  • Intro
    • New Year’s Resolutions.
  • What Caught My Attention This Week
    • Channel 1 previews the future of news broadcasting, and its implications.
    • Microsoft admits that AI will displace jobs and it’s working with US labor unions to address the impact.
    • Eminent US cardiologist Eric Topol shows how AI is beating cardiologists and radiologists at diagnosing illness from almost invisible clues.
    • Terence Tao, prodigy professor of Mathematics at UCLA, believes AI could help mathematicians discover new theorems.
  • The Way We Work Now
    • A group of artists uses MusicGen, an AI trained by Meta, to create an entire album in 24 hours.
  • How Do You Feel?
    • The head of the UK judiciary is not too happy with the growing use of AI among judges.
  • Putting Lipstick on a Pig
    • It turns out that Presto Automation is using human labor instead of AI to process 70% of fast-food drive-thru orders.
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