Issue #5 - You are not going to use 19 years of Gmail conversations to create an AI clone of my personality, are you?

March 24, 2023
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In This Issue

  • Somebody has a copy of everything you said in the last few years and could eventually create an AI clone of you
  • Non-tech people start to realize that AI can do a better job than their worst employees
  • OpenAI researchers take a look at the job market and say “uh-oh”
  • In 1980, the US employed 750,000 typists
  • Middle managers and executives: your days are numbered
  • When you feel like you are falling in love with AI you should really have a cold shower
  • Anthropic’s Claude AI is in charge of the jokes this week

P.s.: This week’s Splendid Edition of Synthetic Work is titled The Perpetual Garbage Generator and it’s focused on how AI is impacting the Publishing industry.

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