Issue #7 - The Human Computer

April 7, 2023
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In This Issue

  • Using Google Search is a horrifying experience compared to asking questions to GPT-4. OpenAI will fix it soon.
  • AI-related legal cases are on the rise. There never was a better time to become a robo-lawyer.
  • Critics of the FLI open letter: “You are being ridiculous. It’s just math”. So let’s hear from somebody that actually knows math.
  • Goldman Sachs: “Don’t look now, but 300MM jobs need a bit of reskilling.”
  • Once upon a time, people could be hired to do calculations and their job title was “Computer.”
  • The demand for AI skills is raising in every industry of the economy. Thankfully, you read Synthetic Work.
  • When an AI uses emojis to reply to you, it’s not cute. It’s manipulative.
  • Soon, you’ll be able to lie more than usual during dates and job interviews. Happy?

P.s.: This week’s Splendid Edition of Synthetic Work is titled How Not to Do Product Reviews. It was supposed to be a review of the AI-centric products that I use on a daily basis, but things went horribly wrong and the article derailed and I ended up talking about product strategy, competitive landscapes, and business models. Hence the title.

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