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The Splendid Edition is a non-technical, weekly report written by a former Fortune 1000 tech executive and Gartner analyst on:

  • How your industry peers are using AI.
    Are you thinking about adopting AI in your organization but don't want to be a first mover?
    Synthetic Work tracks use cases in Education, Farming, Finance, Government, Health Care, Media & Entertainment, Publishing, Tech, etc.
  • How to use AI to perform tasks that matter in your profession.
    Learn how to use GPT-4 and similar AI systems to you write presentations, perform data analysis, compile market research, evaluate pros and cons about complex decisions, etc.
  • How to improve your interaction with the AI.
    Discover how to write better prompts for text generation AIs like Bing, ChatGPT, GPT-4, and image generation AIs like Dall-E, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion.
  • What are the best AI-powered tools to boost your productivity.
    Find out where AI really makes a difference and helps you stay competitive.
The Splendid Edition is for business leaders, decision-makers, and professionals in every field.

Get the complete picture of how AI is transforming how we work.
Upskill yourself and your workforce.
Turn knowledge into a competitive advantage.

Here's what you missed so far:

Splendid Edition Archive

Synthetic Work is building a set of tools to show you how AI can boost your productivity and help you stay competitive. Here some examples.

Learn how you can use GPT-4 to:

Marvel at how you can use Stable Diffusion and Midjourney to:

Your use case is not covered yet? No problem.

Learn a wide range of techniques to interact better with your AI and get the most out of it.