Issue #2 - Law firms' morale at an all-time high now that they can use AI to generate evil plans to charge customers more money

March 3, 2023
Splendid Edition
In This Issue

  • DoNotPay successfully uses AI to automatically negotiate a bill discount with a human customer service rep
  • They also try to use ChatGPT in a US Supreme Court case. It turns out it’s not safe for your health.
  • Top UK law firm starts using Harvey AI to assist 3,500 lawyers with mergers & acquisitions. No big deal.
  • Meanwhile, another top UK law firm has started hiring “prompt engineers”
  • Robin AI uses AI (duh) to help lawyers generate drafts and review legal contracts
  • Academics test large language models to work both as lobbyists and fiduciaries.
  • Two courts in Colombia used ChatGPT to reach a verdict. It’s ok to have a bad feeling about this
  • AI is good at translating. What if it starts translating legalese for the average citizen?

Of all the industries that you would expect to adopt artificial intelligence quickly, the Legal one is the least likely.

There is an almost infinite number of legal issues related to all forms of AI that have not been resolved and that will likely drag on for a decade or more. And yet, here we are, this week, reviewing how top lawyers are rushing to adopt the latest and greatest large language models (the AI models that power systems like ChatGPT) on the market, impacting jobs in the industry in unsuspected ways.


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