Issue #20 - When you are uncertain about triggering WWIII or not, ask ChatGPT

July 9, 2023
Splendid Edition
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In This Issue

  • Bridgewater Associates reveals how the company is thinking about and using large language models to formulate investment strategies.
  • McCann Worldgroup used AI to make individual signs and menus for owners of Mexican hot dog and hamburger stands.
  • Insilico Medicine started the human trial phase of a lung disease drug designed by generative AI.
  • The US Air Force is testing various large language models, including Scale AI Donovan.

I might have overwhelmed you with prompting techniques and tutorials in the last few weeks. I am told that there are many things that you still have to try from the last few weeks. Plus, this is vacation time.

Plus, next week, OpenAI will open access to the GPT-4 variant known as Code Interpreter, which also allows us to upload and analyze files. This will unlock a whole new set of use cases and tutorials. Stay tuned.

So, this week, let’s take a short break and fully focus on the adoption of AI across industries, feeding additional data to the AI Adoption Tracker.

This use case documentation activity is critical to understand how far your peers have come in their AI adoption journey and it remains the thing customers ask the most in consultations

More importantly, even if there’s no immediate value in knowing what company XYZ is doing in the Financial Services or in the Health Care industry, by reading about their experience, you’ll discover precious insights that inform your everyday use of AI. It’s the case of the Bridgewater Associates interview below.

Speaking of which: do you remember that I always said that the AI Adoption Tracker would exclusively focus on those use cases deployed in production? Well. I changed my mind.

There is enormous value in documenting use cases that are in a testing phase and might be abandoned later on. So from this week, you’ll see a new column in the AI Adoption Tracker: Adoption Status.
When an AI technology is not yet rolled out in production, you’ll see the Testing label.

I dedicated much of the week to revamping the database structure behind the AI Adoption Tracker to accommodate this and other future changes.

The tool is not yet ready for mobile use, but it will be. I appreciate your patience.

As always, let me know what you’d like to read next in this Splendid Edition of Synthetic Work.


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