Issue #21 - Investigating absurd hypotheses with GPT-4

July 16, 2023
Splendid Edition
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In This Issue

  • In the Prompting section, we discover the ELI5 technique, comparing how well it works with both OpenaI GPT-4 with Code Interpreter and Anthropic Claude 2.
  • In the What Can AI Do for Me? section, we use the GPT-4 with Code Interpreter capabilities to analyze two unrelated datasets, overlay one on top of the other in a single chart, and investigate correlation hypotheses.

If you have not checked it recently, the Discord server of Synthetic Work has a new section:

You can go there to submit a request for a new feature or vote requests submitted by your fellow Synthetic Work members.

Another thing: I’ve started building a database of technology providers that have a relevant connection with AI and Synthetic Work.

It’s not right to call them AI vendors because, except for the handful of companies that train foundational models, like OpenAI or Anthropic, most technology providers will use or are using AI in one or another. And it’s not very useful if I create a database that contains every company in the world.

So, if the company has been mentioned in past Issues of Synthetic Work, it will have a profile in this new database. And this profile will try to explain in a very clear way why the company is relevant.

Try with Anthropic.

Right now, it’s probably not very useful, but with time, more information will be added to each profile, so, just like the rest of Synthetic Work, it will hopefully become a valuable resource for you.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome, as usual. Just reply to this email or use the new Discord Feature Request channel.


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