Issue #23 - Your Own, Personal, Genie

August 5, 2023
Splendid Edition
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In This Issue

  • News Corp Australia revealed that they are using generative AI to publish 3,000 news a week
  • Wayfair is using text-to-image AI models to show how you could redecorate your living rooms with furniture that might resemble the ones in their catalog
  • 3M Health Information Systems, Babylon Health, and ScribeEMR have adopted the new AWS HealthScribe service to automatically generate clinical notes from doctor-patient conversations
  • In the Prompting section, we discover that large language models might lose accuracy with larger context windows.
  • In the The Tools of the Trade section, we use LM Studio and the new Stable Beluga 2 model to create a personal AI assistant that runs on our computers.

Aaaaaaaaand we are back. Thanks for your patience while I tried to recharge a big.

Half of this Splendid Edition is a bit more technical than usual this week. Apologies if some of you will find it a bit much.

Even if you are not interested in the topic, I highly recommend you read it, because it will clarify certain mechanisms that we’ll encounter again in the near future when talking about GPT-4.

If, instead, you liked the content of this week, as usual, I’d appreciate you sharing this newsletter with friends and colleagues, and talking about it on social media.

Thank you.

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