Issue #24 - The Ideas Vending Machine

August 12, 2023
Splendid Edition
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In This Issue

  • The ad agency WPP uses generative AI to create job postings, draft communication messages to attract new talent, and more.
  • The London Stock Exchange Group is testing generative AI models fine-tuned in collaboration with Microsoft.
  • Tinder is using AI to automatically select the best picture from the photo album of a user.
  • Australia’s Home Affairs Department used ChatGPT for software development and other tasks for a period.
  • In the What Can AI Do for Me? section we see how GPT-4 can be used to generate perfectly legit business ideas. For real.

As I said in this week’s Free Edition, thank you to all of you for supporting Synthetic Work in these first 6 months.

I won’t repeat what I said there. I’ll rather say that nothing is more valuable than your feedback. The newsletter morphed quite a bit from the first issue, mainly based on your input.

So, that feedback remains critical to understand how Synthetic Work can deliver more value to you.

If you have a moment, reply to this email and share your thoughts.

I’m especially interested in what would you need to see to make you say “Oh, finally!”

Thank you and onward.

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