Issue #28 - Use AI, Save 500 Lives Per Year

September 9, 2023
Splendid Edition
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In This Issue

  • Intro
    • What is software?
  • What’s AI Doing for Companies Like Mine?
    • Learn what DoorDash, Kaiser Permanente, and BHP Group are doing with AI.
  • A Chart to Look Smart
    • Researchers have used large language models to analyze the impact of corporate culture on financial analyst reports. Can this approach be used elsewhere?
  • The Tools of the Trade
    • Let’s use a voice generation tool to produce an audio version of Synthetic Work

Tim Sweeney, the controversial founder and CEO of Epic Games, during a recent Q&A said:

Programming languages are the bottleneck for developing software.

Emad Mostaque, the controversial founder and CEO of Stability AI, commented on that, saying:

Won’t be needed in a few years which begs the question what is software.

What if they are right?

In multiple issues of Synthetic Work, I suggested that the future of application development is not a programming language, but a natural language. And this is one of the biggest ideas introduced by generative AI.

Are you leading a software company? If yes, are you thinking about this?


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