Issue #30 - AI is the Operating System of the Future

September 23, 2023
Splendid Edition
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In This Issue

  • What’s AI Doing for Companies Like Mine?
    • Learn what McKinsey, Carrefour, and Grupo Bimbo are doing with AI.
  • A Chart to Look Smart
    • New research conducted on BCG consultants shows that GPT-4 is a remarkable productivity booster.
  • Prompting
    • Want to know what Custom Instructions Seth Godin uses for his ChatGPT?
  • What Can AI Do for Me?
    • How to turn negative thoughts into positive and engaging social media updates with GPT-4.
  • The Tools of the Trade
    • A new open source tool shows what GPT-4 can do without constraints. It’s like watching the future of operating systems.

No intro. This issue is already long enough as it is.


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