Issue #4 - Medical AI to open new hospital in the metaverse to assist (human) ex doctors affected by severe depression

March 17, 2023
Splendid Edition
In This Issue

  • Why not use Stable Diffusion to generate the image of a tooth growing in a person’s brain, so young doctors learn how disgusting their profession can be?
  • OK. Let’s just generate chest X-rays for edge use cases. Somebody has a lovely AI model for you to download
  • Somebody else is analyzing the voice of patients to spot signs of anxiety
  • Google Med-PaLM 2 consistently performs at an “expert” doctor level on medical exam questions
  • DeepMind predicts the 3D structures of the over 200 million known proteins to boost drug discovery
  • Microsoft wants to play, too, and fine-tunes BioGPT on 15M PubMed abstracts
  • Stability AI launches yet another satellite organization: MedARC
  • Meanwhile, in Hungary, AI spots 22 undiagnosed cases of breast cancer
  • In the US, another AI is used to identify atrial fibrillation, diabetic retinopathy, and sepsis
  • The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) says “party is over”

Last week we spend some time looking at how AI is impacting the job market across industries: Issue #3 – I will edit and humanize your AI content.

This week, we go back to our usual programming and we deep dive into the Health Care industry to understand what AI is doing there.

This is a huge topic and what I’ll say below is a drop in the ocean compared to everything that’s happening on daily basis in the Health Care industry because of AI. Also, keep in mind that this week’s release of GPT-4 will bring even more changes. But we have to start somewhere.

Take a deep breath, this is going to be intense.

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