Issue #5 - The Perpetual Garbage Generator

March 24, 2023
Splendid Edition
In This Issue

  • How a guy with WordPress and a GPT-4 subscription can generate infinite content
  • BuzzFeed has started using AI in January to generate content
  • Before them, CNET Money has silently started publishing ChatGPT-generated content (full of inaccuracies that nobody bothered to fact-check)
  • An AI makes it easy to paraphrase other AIs to not get caught by other AIs
  • The publisher of the UK Daily Mirror wants to play the automated content publishing game, too
  • The publisher of Sports Illustrated has been way faster than them
  • It really doesn’t look bright for mediocre journalists, but they will fight back. Yes. By demanding a subsidy
  • And by using AI to make you pay even harder for the AI-generated content that is inspired by your conversations on social media
  • LinkedIn launches “collaborative articles” where AI does a tiny bit and you, the user, do the rest (their role in all of this is profiting, in case you are wondering)
  • Every publishing platform and channel will be saturated with AI-generated content. It already started
  • And it’s so severe that organizations like AP, Nature, Elsevier, and The Committee on Publication Ethics, had to create anti-AI policies

As I wrote in the Free Edition of this Issue, this is the first monthiversary of Synthetic Work. I owe you a special thank you, without jokes, because your support as paying members keeps the project alive.

This week, we talk about the Publishing industry. Wild things are happening under our noses.


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