What Can AI Do for Me?

Synthetic Work can show you and your team how AI can boost your productivity and help you stay competitive.

These are some of the tutorials we published so far:
Generate (really good) business ideas
AI can generate business ideas as original as the ones generated by humans. With enough patience, even exceptional ideas.

For example, we generated 30 ideas for an service ancillary to Synthetic Work.
Understand better (and visualize) your website data
AI can analyse the data you collect from your web properties and answer your questions about the traffic without forcing you to attend a 40h web analytics class.

For example, we asked GPT-4 Code Interpreter to create a chart with the top referrer from each country visiting our website.
Get comfortable with people criticising your ideas
AI can credibly simulate the criticism you would receive when sharing your thoughts with a group and it won't be intimidated by your VP or C-level title.

For example, we taught GPT-4 how to continually criticize our new product idea for the company, and how to respond to our counter-arguments.
Write an exceptional presentation
The value of AI is in improving your narrative, not in automating the arrangement of your bullet points!

For example, we used GPT-4 to prepare a presentation on how new technologies have impacted jobs and the economy in history.
Take a better decision
AI can give you that contrarian opinion about your options that you need to rethink your perspective.

For example, we asked GPT-4 to debate on a partnership opportunity with a dangerous incumbent player.
Detail and document a corporate procedure
Even a tedious job like this becomes effortless when the AI asks you the right questions.

For example, we used GPT-4 to help us document the tedious procedure of opening a corporate bank account.

Your use case is not covered yet? No problem.

How to Prompt is a library of techniques to interact better with your AI and get the most out of it.