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OpenAI is a company that offers pre-trained AI foundation models like Dall-E 2 (for image generation), GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 (for text generation), and Whisper (for speech-to-text conversion).

Some of these models power OpenAI’s personal assistant called ChatGPT, and third-party solutions like Microsoft Bing Chat and GitHub Copilot.

OpenAI offers access to its AI models via a centralized access mechanism. Still, customers can have a version of their models installed on-premises for increased security and compliance if they commit to a minimum spend. The unconfirmed amount is $100,000.

OpenAI is mentioned in the following issues of Synthetic Work:

Splendid Edition

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Free Edition

Issue #27 - Blind Trust
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Issue #23 - One day, studying history will be as gripping as watching a horror movie
Issue #21 - Ready to compete against yourself?
Issue #19 - Let's collapse some models, there's money to be made
Issue #17 - Robopriests
Issue #15 - Well, worst case, I'll take a job as cowboy
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Issue #12 - ChatGPT Sucks at Making Signs
Issue #10 - The Memory of an Elephant
Issue #8 - The Best Funeral of the Year
Issue #7 - The Human Computer
Issue #6 - Putting Lipstick on a Pig (at a Wedding)
Issue #4 - A lot of decapitations would have been avoided if Louis XVI had AI
Issue #2 - 61% of the office workers admit to having an affair with the AI inside Excel
Last Update: December 2023