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What’s the Difference Between Free and Splendid Edition?

The Splendid Edition is a second email that arrives every Sunday, together with the Free Edition, for Synthetic Work readers with a paid membership.
The Splendid Edition is as long as the Free Edition (sometimes longer...), effectively doubling the content you can read every week.
However, it's not more of the same!
The Free Edition is the answer to a difficult question:
"What should I pay attention to?"
The Splendid Edition is the answer to even harder questions:
  • Are you thinking about adopting AI in your organization but don't want to be a first mover?
    The Splendid Edition tells you how your industry peers are using AI in Education, Farming, Finance, Government, Health Care, Media & Entertainment, Publishing, Tech, etc.
  • Do you really know what you can do with AI systems like ChatGPT?
    In Aug 2023, researcher have estimated that we'll need another two years before we fully understand all the things that generative AI models can do.
    The Splendid Edition shows you how to use AI to perform tasks that matter in your profession.
  • Do you know that the way you approach your interaction with AI systems influences the answers you get in a big way?
    The Splendid Edition coaches you on how to think about and frame your interaction with text generation AIs like Bing Chat, ChatGPT, or Claude, as well as image generation AIs like Dall-E, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion.
  • Do you know what are the products and services where AI makes a real difference?
    The majority of "AI tools" on the market today do nothing of substance and will disappear.
    The Splendid Edition helps you find the best AI-powered tools to boost your productivity.
C-Level executives, VPs, Managing Directors, and many other leaders and smart people are turning the most transformative technology of our times into their biggest business opportunity ever.

The Splendid Edition helps you seize that opportunity.

How Do I Get the Splendid Edition?

To receive the Splendid Edition and access its archive online you must have a Sage paid membership or superior.

The Sage membership gives you many other perks, including:

  • Access to the AI Adoption Tracker, which now documents 130+ early AI adopters across industries and geographies, and 150+ unique use cases.
  • Access to the What Can AI do for Me? list of tutorials on how to use AI systems to solve everyday business problems across professions and departments in your organization.
  • Access to a series of custom GPTs like Synthetic Work's (Re)Search Assistant and the Presentation Assistant.
  • Access to the online archive of both Free and Splendid Edition issues (almost 100 editions, for over 1,000 pages of research and insights).
  • The opportunity to network with other Sage paying members on Synthetic Work's Discord server.